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The Bureau
To be announced

The Bureau is a home for creative services, initiated by JL Murtaugh.

Recent sessions took place in Vilnius and Kaunas. Our autumn appointment dates will be announced soon.


We Live in Places
Gabija Nedzinskaitė and Gerda Paliušytė
27 May to 26 June
Mečetės g 4, Vilnius

Opening Friday 27 May, 6-9 pm

Maxim Osipau
I can explain everything
10 to 15 December

Autarkia, in cooperation with European Humanities University, invites to a Belarusian artist Maxim Osipau exhibition “I can explain everything”. Presenting the most recent series of painted carpets, which reflects tragic events of Belarus in 2020.

Pan’s Galley (Delta Festival)
11 December at 17:00

Autarkia together with Delta Mityba invites you for an evening of casual conversation about the ways we produce and consume food, provoking questions on how we do it now and should improve in the future.

The event will include local producers of bread, wine, tea, and moonshine to discuss their methods and goals, particularly in collectivity and cooperative work.


  • 2022


    20 May 2022

    We Live in Places

    We Live in Places
    Gabija Nedzinskaitė and Gerda Paliušytė

    Opening Friday 27 May, 6-9 pm

    27 May to 26 June
    Mečetės g 4, Vilnius

    Open Wednesdays and Fridays, 6-8 pm, and by appointment at

  • 2021


    1 October 2021

    The Bureau

    The Bureau is a home for creative services. Recent sessions took place in Vilnius and Kaunas. Our autumn appointment dates will be announced soon. —— Every programme needs an office. Beyond logistical management of Autarkia, The Bureau extends open consulting appointments to creative practitioners, in person or remotely. These sessions offer personal advice and professional […]

    7 December 2021

    Pan’s Galley

    The word panic derives from the name of Pan, an Ancient Greek god of nature and wilderness. In these mythic stories, Pan’s cry confused aggressors, and discouraged those who might disturb his peaceful rest. Panic suggests a sudden fear of the uncontrollable. Our deepening environmental crisis fits that mood exactly. The issue can seem overwhelmingly […]

    7 December 2021

    I Can Explain Everything

    Autarkia, in cooperation with European Humanities University, is inviting to a Belarusian artist Maxim Osipau exhibition “I can explain everything”. The artist will show a series of painted carpets created in 2021, which reflects tragic events of Belarus in 2020. Despite its unique history, the genre of painted carpets is not included in the official […]

    24 August 2021


    Krõõt Juurak + Alex Bailey

    Part three of “Autarkia Performs”, a performance series for the 14th Baltic Triennial.

    4—5 September

    26 July 2021

    ATVANGA I (Apartment)

    Part two of “Autarkia Performs”, a performance series for the 14th Baltic Triennial.

    Austėja Vilkaitytė
    with contributions from Barbora Matonytė, Vlada Banilytė Kvedarienė, Liudvika Sonja Koort, Kotryna Butautytė

    Friday 30 July
    Doors open 19:30, performance 20:00

    9 June 2021

    A Garden for Autarkia

    A project of Saskia Fischer in collaboration with Lukas Strolia. Continuing in and around Vilnius as long as the flowers grow.

    27 May 2021


    Friday 4 June, from 20

    Part one of ‘Autarkia Performs’, a series for the 14th Baltic Triennial.

    Lubomir Grzelak, Robertas Narkus, Lukas Strolia, Oleg Šurajev, Elena Veleckaitė, Sniegė Naku, local children, ‘Delta Mityba’ (Kotryna Butautytė, Saulė Gerikaitė, Jonas Palekas, Dominykas Saliamonas Kaupas and Maria Tsoy), and others

    27 February 2021

    High Limits

    Autarkia’s latest initiative, featuring new commissions from international artists, most of whom are engaging online space for the first time.

    Seecum Cheung, Cole Lu, Robertas Narkus, Ignas Pavliukevičius

  • 2020


    1 December 2020

    Cole Lu / Bri Williams

    Syndicate at NADA Miami 2020
    a joint presentation with Et Al.
    hosted by Autarkia
    1 – 5 December 2020

  • 2019


    23 May 2019

    XVII a.

    It happens you fail, fail, fail, fail and then suddenly you fail so big, then you fail, fail, fail, fail.

    2 February 2019


    A poetry slam night in “Autarkia” in collaboration with e-journal “Abstract Stylist”.

  • 2018


    25 December 2018


    30 November 2018

    Two year anniversary

    This Friday we celebrate two years anniversary. Is that a moment to look backwards? What happened and what will happen next?

    7 September 2018

    Andrej Polukord “Pjauti grybą”/”To cut the mushroom”

    “Today we were walking in the forest and found a lot of šrotas (šrotas goes for scraps of metal parts in Lithuanian slang) there was some shooting range, someone was burning micro schemes… What would you say if we would make a mushroom sorting manufacture at yours?”

    4 July 2018



    3 July 2018

    Young Boy Dancing Group “Aging Tour”

    No future, no hope, nothing to loose. Young Boys Dance Group presents the enigmatic elegy of post-human dance in the candlelight.

    Best wishes,

  • 2017


    15 December 2017

    16 December — 21 January (Autarkia at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre)

    “The Guest”, a cabaret directed by Robertas Narkus and produced by Kim? and Autarkia. “The Guest” is a cabaret directed by Robertas Narkus & produced by Autarkia with contributions by Rainyr Askher, Gints Gabrāns, Kipras Garla, Antanas Gerlikas, Laura Kaminskaitė, Žygimantas Kudirka, Nerijus Rimkus, Antanas Skučas, and others. “The Guest” cabaret invites you to reimagining […]

    11 November 2017

    Self-repair: observing urine

    A biolaboratory with Alessandro Volpato, where participants test their own urine’s specifications and learn to analyze them. This is part of Mindaugas Gapševičius’ project “Self-repair”, which explores ways of identifying and fixing one’s body with the use of accessible information and consulting with specialists. The event is free, BYOU – Bring Your Own Urine.

    7 September 2017

    Antanas Lučiūnas “Attempting to be conscious”

    As part of the Vilnius Gallery Weekend, “Autarkia” invites for two performances. One of them happened in two thousand and nine, the other is created now. Nine years – it’s not ten, is that a significant period of time? What has changed?

    10 June 2017

    Books and other critters

    24-hour bookshop at Autarkia, with a screening of “Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival” (2016) by Fabrizio Terranova.

    5 May 2017


    May 5, Friday, a place in territory previously know as 555, means rap’sh (trep and lo-fi, slow-mo, hip-hop) evening, to mark the upcoming five news.

    Delta Mityba in Venice hosts Elena Narbutaitė, Jonas Narbutas & Vytautas Rasimavičius (“Atlanto bagels”), with Lil Vanila, Yfyf, Maria, Ingra Miler, ADHD

    21 April 2017

    Kaspars Groševs “Figūras”

    The notorious “braliuka”* – Kaspars Groševs, AAL (accountant at large) for Riga’s, “427” gallery is paying a visit to Vilnius and on this occasion is inviting to listen to his figurative compositions.

    21 February 2017

    Užgavėnės, Sroovetuesday, Carnival

    A celebration of the Lithuanian festival Užgavėnės
    19.00 Wrestling
    20.00 Burning the Floozy Kate
    21.00 Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, What am I doing with my life?, performance in colab with Jurgis Paškevičius

    27 January 2017


    ‘Where do we come from, what are we, and where are we going’—inscribed Paul Gauguin on the back of his painting in 1897, in Haiti. No question mark, no dash, all words capitalized.
    The prehistoric, the sensual new season.
    The night is co-hosted together with artist Maria Loboda on the occasion of the opening of her solo exhibition at CAC Vilnius, “I am radiant, radiant, radiant in my defeat.”

  • 2016


    25 December 2016


    We don’t judge you. 25th December, Sunday night. Tokio Trio and Friends.

    16 December 2016

    The Metaphysics of Beer

    A Symposium of Humans and Micro-organisms by Vytenis Burokas

    A humorous demonstration of Vytenis Burokas’ research and methodology that pulls ideas around philosophy, science, fermentation, rituals, inebriation, and food into a vortex. Rather than merely cite and quote his research, the artist stages an increasingly drunken discussion between himself and a crowd of philosophers, scientists, and theoreticians.

    2 December 2016

    Quick and not yet streamed

    The event is the dancing limb of the two shows opening at CAC Vilnius Friday evening. Come reconcile and celebrate the fast, the invisible, dreamy and shallow.

    24 November 2016

    This time the rabbit looks down: Chocolate scrying

    After drinking, while moving the cup counter-clockwise, you form seven circles around a question. The liquid is shaping itself: after leaving the cup upside down, chocolate leftovers start to occupy their place, spirals of meaning show up and hide; their inapprehensible character plays around fears, affections and expectations, or with the idea that there is a future and there was a past.

    28 October 2016

    Kick off

    Autarkia kick-off


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